Why you should give your photographer a group shot list

There are lots of benefits to making up your own group shot list. I’ve put together some tips and ideas for helping you write up your list. Hopefully these will show you the importance of making your own individualised list. Personalise your group shots to include the people you want to remember the most on your wedding. We all have those guests we have to invite to our wedding that we don’t see from one year to the next but have to invite because our parents told us we must. Think of the photos you want hanging on your wall and the people you want to see in them. Maybe your Nan has been after that photo of all her grandchildren together that you never get around to getting done. Or maybe your Mum and Dad want a photo of you with your siblings to proudly hang on the wall. These photos will make lovely gifts for your family! Every family is different, some parents are no longer together and maybe they would prefer a photo with their new partner rather than the traditional bride and groom with brides parents shot. We don’t know your family situation so names with relationship in your group shot list really helps us out to make sure everyone is happy. Here are some ideas for group shots that you may not of thought of: Bride or Groom with siblings Bride or Groom with Nan and Grandad 3 or 4 generation photo-Nan, Mum, Bride and Granddaughter Bride or Groom with their children Bride and Groom with their children Bride or Groom with cousins Brides Mum and Dad with Bride and siblings Your children with their cousins It’s best to try to stick to a maximum of 12-14 group shots and rather than lots of people in one big photo stick to smaller groups so everyone is visible and not hiding behind someone. I hope these tips will help you to write your group shot list.  

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