Why Couple Portraits Are So Important

Couple portraits are a chance for you to spend some intimate time together. Time for just the two of you to laugh, hold hands and be alone. The portraits aren’t just about the photos, it’s about taking it all in and enjoying your moment, as a newly married couple.

In return you will receive beautiful images. The photos will be very natural and portray emotion and happiness by some simple directions and prompts capturing moments between you both.

More than likely you won’t have even had chance to have spoken to each other. Limit your bride and groom portraits to you and your photographer. Have the family and bridal party enjoy a champagne reception. The day is not about your guests, it’s about the two of you so don’t be worried about leaving them for 30-40 minutes. It is nothing out of your whole wedding day in reality. Do you really want photos of you and your new husband or to be mingling with your guests that you will spend the rest of the day dancing, chatting and celebrating with.

These are the photos you will have hanging up on your wall and show your children and great grandchildren. You don’t want to regret not getting more photos together, this day only happens once after all and you will never get this moment back again. Enjoy it!

The Old Farm Inn

After your meal and while waiting for your evening guests to arrive is a great time to go out for some extra portraits. The light is normally gorgeous around this time as the sun starts to go down. You will also be feeling a lot more relaxed. By then the speeches are out of the way and you’ve had a few drinks!

Engagement Sessions

Feeling Nervous? Engagement sessions really help to put you at ease ready for the big day. It’s an informal photo session to help you get comfortable in front of the camera. And also a chance to see what works for you as a couple and of course a chance to have some fun.

You’ll get to see some professional photos of yourself before the wedding. Once you’ve seen your engagement photos you can get excited and will have more confidence ready for the big day. You’ll look forward to having the photos taken instead of being so nervous.

I hope this post will encourage you to take the time these important photos!

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