What to wear for a family photo session?

Wondering what to wear for a family photo session?

Here are some top tips

  • It’s best not to wear logos or characters on clothing. They will keep your photos from being timeless


  • Try to keep patterns on clothing simple so it doesn’t take away from your images


  • Add pops of colour rather than solid colours


  • Checks and stripes compliment solid colours well


  • Coordination works best rather than matching. Try to stick to a maximum of 3-4 colours


  • Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration


  • Try laying out the outfits you’ve chosen on the floor to get a better idea of how they will look together


  • Be careful when chosing a bra to wear. There’s nothing worse than receiving your photos to find you can see your bra through your top. Go for a strapless bra if you’re wearing spaghetti straps or any other top that will show your bra


  • Wear something you feel comfortable in and style your children’s outfits around what you have choosen for yourself


  • Tight tops will show up your bra and you will have a visible waist line from your trousers or skirt


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