Newborn Lifestyle Competition

Newborn Lifestyle Competition

This year to promote my newborn lifestyle photography I gave one lucky person the opportunity to win a shoot in a competition.

As a Mum myself I know how important it is capture those key stages of their first year, to look back on and remember those tiny toes and big beautiful eyes. They change so much in the first year and it’s lovely to remember little details that can be easily forgotten . It’s lovely looking back at the photos of my children when they were babies, it brings a smile to my face when I see how tiny they were.

I took a natural approach to Noah’s newborn pictures and  it was just about documenting him rather than taking posed newborn shots.

I like to capture their wispy hair and the way they screw up their faces when they yawn and how small they are with their hands hidden in their baby grow.

I think it’s lovely to capture baby in their own environment, I think it makes the photos more personal.

I also wanted to capture the connections between baby and Mum, the way Mum looks at her baby like there’s nothing else in the world more important.


If you are interested in booking a newborn lifestyle photography session please get in touch below!

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